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PFC - Playing For Change

Wir hier von traveLink unterstützen "Playing For Change" !
Playing for Change ist ein Multimedia-Musikprojekt, das von dem Produzenten und Tontechniker Mark Johnson zusammen mit seiner Timeless Media Group ins Leben gerufen wurde. Das Ziel ist es, Musiker aus der ganzen Welt zusammenzubringen. Mittlerweile wurde auch schon eine separate Non-Profit-Organisation gegründet, die auf der ganzen Welt Musikschulen für Kinder baut...
Webseite Playing For Change:
Playing For Change Band | Curitiba benefit Concert, Brazil

Video Nepal: Music Always Unites Us | Playing For Change Foundation

Playing For Change meldet:
Each small act of kindness affects lives unknown. Kindness expands each time it is passed until a simple courtesy becomes active courage. This is the amazing story behind PFCF's 10 years of encouraging a new generation of peacemakers through the power of music. MUSIC ALWAYS UNITES US highlights our recent efforts in Nepal and Thailand offering a glimpse into the future of this groundbreaking work. What unites us, is much greater than what divides us. This is what change looks like...
19:17 06.08.2017

Webhosting in Deutschland: "One year and three days" @Alfahosting

Heute ist unser dritter Tag im zweiten Jahr bei #Alfahosting. traveLink sagt einfach nur DANKE. Honky Tonk Women by Playing For Change

00:02 16.07.2017

Video: "Valerie" by Clarence Bekker | Playing For Change

Sending love to you from your PFC family. We invite you to enjoy this soulful rendition of PFC Band member, Clarence Bekker, performing an acoustic version of the song "Valerie." Filmed live in Barcelona, Spain, Clarence gives you his take on the song originally performed by The Zutons and later covered by Amy Winehouse...
20:27 13.07.2017

Video: "Stuck On You" | Playing For Change

We invite you to celebrate the birth of Bella Mosengo as we welcome her into the world with this Live Outside version of the Lionel Richie song, "Stuck On You," performed by her father, Mermans Mosengo of the PFC Band...
21:13 15.06.2017

I Lived To Tell About It | Playing For Change

We are proud to share with you a new video featuring our friends War & Pierce performing their original song, "I Lived To Tell About It," live outside in Los Angeles. Turn it up and remember we are stronger than any obstacle or challenge we may face. Together, we will persevere in love and peace...
Quelle: @Alfahosting: 0.5 Sekunden - "What a Wonderful World"

In 0.5 Sekunden wurden heute durchschnittlich die Seiten von traveLink für Besucher geladen. Das ist einfach nur fantastisch - vielen Dank Alfahosting ! What a Wonderful World
23:36 13.05.2017

What a Wonderful World | Playing For Change

Video: Diaraby | Playing For Change

We are proud to release a new video from our Live Outside series recently recorded and filmed in the ancient West African Village of Kirina, Mali. This performance features Mahamadou Diabate and Sayba Diabate on the traditional instruments, calabash and kora, as well as PFC Band member, Roberto Luti, on steel guitar...
19:54 24.03.2017

Video: Weary Blues | California Feetwarmers | Playing For Change

Playing For Change meldet:
We are proud to release an all new video from our Live Outside series featuring the song, "Weary Blues," performed live in Los Angeles by the California Feetwarmers. When life has you down, the music will always be here to lift you up...
16:45 11.02.2017 @Alfahosting: Das ist einfach nur SUPER - What's Going On ?

Die letzte Woche war mal wieder einfach nur SUPER bei Alfahosting. Unsere Websites wurden permanent schnell von Alfahosting ausgeliefert. Danke Alfahosting ! What's Going On
18:34 29.01.2017

What's Going On | Playing For Change

Video: Talkin' Bout A Revolution | Clarence Bekker | Playing For Change

Today we honor the life and legacy of the great Martin Luther King Jr., a man who gave his life to serve others and fight the injustices of the world. In celebration of his birthday today, we'd like to share this intimate performance of Clarence Bekker singing "Talkin' Bout A Revolution"...
14:51 21.01.2017