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PFC - Playing For Change

Wir hier von traveLink unterstützen "Playing For Change" !
Playing for Change ist ein Multimedia-Musikprojekt, das von dem Produzenten und Tontechniker Mark Johnson zusammen mit seiner Timeless Media Group ins Leben gerufen wurde. Das Ziel ist es, Musiker aus der ganzen Welt zusammenzubringen. Mittlerweile wurde auch schon eine separate Non-Profit-Organisation gegründet, die auf der ganzen Welt Musikschulen für Kinder baut...
Webseite Playing For Change:
Playing For Change Band | Curitiba benefit Concert, Brazil

Get Up Stand Up | Live in Brazil | Playing For Change Band

Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. Join the movement at

Video Playing For Change: "Pemba Laka" | Songs Around The World meldet:
We are happy to begin this year by sharing with you our newest Song Around The World, “Pemba Laka.” Take a trip around the world with us and let this joyful song bring a smile to your face and love into your hearts. Wishing all of you a lifetime of health, happiness, peace and prosperity. Music is the key...

Video Playing For Change: "Celebration" | Songs Around The World

Playing For Change meldet:
Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. Join the movement at

Bizung School of Music and Dance - The Future is Bright: Halik’s Story meldet:
Halik joined our school in Tamale, Ghana, in 2010. During the time we’ve known him, we’ve been privileged to witness his increasing joy and the deep passion he carries for the music. This summer, his second original song, "Learn Skills", was recorded with fellow students and teachers at the Bizung School of Music & Dance.

Video Playing For Change: "Matinda" | Live in Brazil

The PFC Band performs Mermans Mosengo's original song "Matinda," a Congolese Rumba deeply rooted in Cuban music. This song is an excerpt from our upcoming CD/DVD, Playing For Change Band: Live in Brazil...

Video #PFC: Playing For Change - Pata Pata recording session at the Apogee Studios in L.A.

Enjoy this video of the PFC Band performing Miriam Makeba's classic hit, "Pata Pata" live at Apogee Studio's in Santa Monica, CA. Pata Pata is the name of a traditional dance from Miriam's homeland, South Africa. You are sure to move your feet to the rhythm and voices of the PFC Band live and on fire!! Sing along if you can... "Saququka sathi bheka, nants' iPata Pata..."

Pata Pata recording session at the Apogee Studios in L.A. from Playing For Change on Vimeo.

Playing For Change #pfc: Neue CD von Grandpa Elliott "Sugar Sweet" meldet:
Grandpa Elliott has been playing on the streets of New Orleans since he was six years old and it is time for his music and passion to meet the masses. Playing For Change recorded his album, Sugar Sweet, throughout the 2009 Playing For Change Band North American Tour. It all started one evening at a barbeque when he began tapping his foot, slapping his hand against his knee and singing, “Your lips is so dog gone sweet to me, baby I’m afraid, if you kissed the ocean it would turn to lemonade…" I remember thinking we could not get to a studio fast enough...

Sugar Sweet | Grandpa Elliott | Playing For Change from Playing For Change on Vimeo.